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Choosing your Assistant

Wendy Wendy October 27, 2023

Here are the steps:

* Visit our SIS Healer Page Here.

* Scroll down to the photos of the School’s Certified Intuitive Energy Healers. The Healers/Assistants who are excited to work with you are:

Margie Hall, Tracy Mccree, Rachel Rothman, Teresa Jones, Nicole McKinzie, RMaya Briel, Nataliya Zalyesova, Debra Alwan-Humkey, Sheila Sagert, Sophie Derevianko, Carine Dias, Peggy Curtin, Jessica Zappacosta, Genevieve Thompson, Karen Pourboghrat, Sandi Mazza, Lisa Rothe, Mirona Apostu and Dee Dee Fleming. (The word “Assistant” will appear under each of their pictures.)

* Click on the “Learn More” button, and you will see each Assistant’s biography and other information.

* I suggest that you “feel into” each Assistant’s information. What is your intuition telling you?

* When you have made your selection, click on the “Get in Touch” button. You may take this step to determine if you and the Assistant are “a match.”

* Your Assistant will receive your request and be in touch with you soon.

* If the Assistant you selected has reached their desired number of students, you will need to select another.

* Please find time to connect with your Assistant.