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How to Succeed in the Intuitive Healer Training Program

Wendy Wendy September 10, 2023

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Your IHTP team works collectively to support each student in success from the beginning to the end of the program. Your success also depends on your involvement in the program, and so, below is some advice on what to implement to achieve success in the IHTP.

1) Carve Out Time for the Program: Schedule time and a regular routine weekly to be with the program. Think of this as time for you to check-in with yourself and honor your own personal care and healing. You will see powerful results from this healing work, so start off your program by carving out the time weekly to set yourself up for success throughout the duration of the program.

2) The Work Works, When You do the Work!
 It sounds obvious, but worthy of highlighting. Major shifts happen when you dedicate yourself to the process, show up on the calls, or listen back to the recordings, check-in with your assistant, and complete the assignments. It is up to each individual student to take responsibility for their own growth. The assignments and content are strategically designed for you to move through stages of energy work. In order to experience progress, it’s important to study the modules in sequence.

3) Complete the Assignments. If you are going for the certification, it’s required to complete all the assignments. Yet, you advance more when you do. It is required to complete the assignments if you do want to receive the certification.

4) Watch your Inner Perfectionist! Healing can be messy. It’s so common that an inner perfectionist surfaces who wants to get it right and who does not want to mess up. Give yourself permission to mess up and not do things perfectly. Showing up with authenticity to your process is more perfect than anything! An inner perfectionist can actually stop healing work sometimes. Remember, this program is a re-education and re-parenting of your soul, and for most of us, the ego part of us wants to remind us to stay small and safe. When you venture outside your comfort zone and learn new things, you may find your inner perfectionist surfaces and it can be sabotaging. Notice your inner voice, and have patience for the part of you that is learning.

5) Outside Support May be Needed. We expect students to experience deep healing in this program, and we create a container to support this. Yet, issues may arise in the container of the program requiring more support than what we provide in the IHTP structure, along with assistant support. If you feel you need a personal healing, or more time than a 15 min weekly check-in with your assistant, we recommend that you seek outside or additional support to meet your healing needs. This may include a therapist or practitioner in your life, or an intuitive energy healing from an Assistant in the program or a SIS Healer.

6) Group Support. Your peers are also your support system. Initially, you will be getting to know each other and the group can feel big. Yet, as we progress through the program, there will be opportunities for you each to bond and connect with each other in peer support groups. If you have been afraid of groups or energy in a group, this will be a wonderful experience for that fear to have an opportunity to heal. We will be creating opportunities for you to feel included and bonded within the group!

7) When it Gets Hard, Don’t Run – Ask for Help! Confronting deeper issues can certainly trigger survival instincts like flight, flight, freeze control, and more. We understand and we encourage you to ask for help when it feels hard. Breathe into what is getting touched in you and please ask for help from your Assistant if it feels hard to stay with the work or the experience.

8) Allow Your Shadow Feelings to be Felt. Be honest about how you feel… If you are feeling anger, sadness, lost, confused, then say: “I’m angry, frustrated, sad, confused,” instead of “I’m fine.” There will be many feelings arising in your healing work and you sharing your authenticity gives others permission to go there in themselves. The program material will be much more fluid, as you allow yourself to feel and process emotions when they arise.

Lastly, set your intention for your healing. Your success is determined by what your goals are in healing and learning.

Have an open mind and open heart in this work, and you will gain more than you can imagine…

May you have a powerfully transformative year ahead!



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