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Important Information and Member Agreements

Wendy Wendy October 10, 2023

Honoring the Container
By joining the SIS Membership, you have invested in your own personal healing. My gift is to be able to tap into the collective energy of the group and your energy is considered in my intuitive reading and in the Divine Guidance.

This is a collective experience because it is a group, but it is an individual experience because you are receiving the healing that is meant for you on a soul level. It is very important that the container of this group stay clear, clean and intact.

For that reason, I ask that you do not share any recordings, log-in information, or any content from the program with anyone who is not a member. If you do know someone who is interested in learning more about the program, you can direct them to me, and I am happy to share with them some examples of what they would experience in this group. I work from a place of deep integrity and part of that is having a clear, clean container for everyone to feel good and safe in the group.

Ethical Guidelines
As a member of the SIS Membership, you are agreeing to respect the group container and the sacred space held for healing. You are also agreeing to come with an open heart and a desire to deepen your connection to yourself.

Further, upon enrollment, you agree that should thoughts or emotions arise, that you will take responsibility that these feelings come from deep within and you have ways of taking care of yourself when feelings arise. The healings are intended to help you release what does not serve you and in doing so, emotions may be a natural release.

Please let me know if you have any questions. I look forward to being in this sacred circle with you!