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Reflection Questions

Wendy Wendy May 13, 2023

Welcome to your Reflection Questions! While these questions are optional as you are moving through the program, we highly recommend you take this step to journal out answers for all your reflective questions throughout the program.

Please note: If you are working with an assistant and your assistant asks to review your Reflection Questions, it’s a good idea to write your answers in a document that you can easily transfer to your assistant. 

Answer the Following Reflective Questions: 

1. When we are unable to ground through the root chakra the 3rd chakra compensates by losing/leaking energy out through the front of the chakra. This means attaching to other people and things in order to establish our sense of identity and belonging. Describe ways you may be losing your sense of self from the 3rd chakra and attaching to people/things in order to compensate.

2. To bring the 3rd chakra back into balance, we may have to reparent our younger consciousness in the lower body. Describe some ways you have or may be able to reparent your inner-child and reclaim your center in the 3rd chakra.