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Afaq March 27, 2024

Welcome! This is the place to receive the deep Divine Guidance Healing on the topic: Your Worth is Calling You: Overcoming the Fear of Your Light and Authentic Joy

Whether you attended live or will listen on your own time, this is where you will find the recording to listen back to as often as it serves you. 

How often should you listen back? Listen to your intuition on how often. Wendy’s recommendation is no more than 3 times in one month’s time.  Please be sure to leave time for releasing any emotions that arise and integration. 

Please know that the Divine Guidance Healings are powerful, and the effect can be immediate, or it can take a few days following the healing for the body to integrate. Sometimes, emotions may surface after a healing. These emotions can be energy-releasing, or they can be in response to the soul’s need to return to that state of connection.  

Support your system in any way you intuitively feel called. You may want to have your bare feet on the earth outside — be it grass, soil, snow, or sand — and tune into the vibration of the season! You may want to create more downtime, rest more, or restart a self-care routine. Listen to your heart’s whisper as to what is going to nourish your soul.

Here are two resources to support you in taking care of yourself before and after the healing: 

How to Take Care of Yourself Before an Energy Clearing Session

What is Releasing?

Enjoy this healing!