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Guided Meditations: Grounding Cord and Finding Your Center

Wendy Wendy August 7, 2023

Below is a guided meditation to support you in intuitively connecting with and feeling your grounding cord.  Create a quiet space and free yourself from distractions before beginning this meditation below.

Grounding Cord Meditation

Once you complete the Grounding Cord Meditation, tune in and ask your body if it is ready to go into the next meditation.  These two meditations can be experienced in succession. However, if you feel you need more space after doing the Grounding Cord meditation, take that time to integrate.  Once you are ready, you can begin the meditation below. It’s called Finding Your Center– an important energetic exploration of where your center is exactly in your energetic system. As always, carve out uninterrupted time to dive into this meditation.

Finding Your Center Meditation

Bonus Tip: You can experience this and the Grounding Cord meditations as many times as you like. It may be helpful to come back here after you’ve completed all/some of the modules and compare experiences.